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If you ask competitors likes some “big name” brokers, “is Binary International a scam”, what do you think their response will be?

Better yet – maybe ask long haired, grubby looking, fake named, shady affiliate marketers stealing Binary International’s visitor traffic, making incredibly false accusations and defaming the broker, if Binary International is a scam, and what do you think THEIR response will be??

Hint: there’s a bull dog prowling about…. ooh….. frightening stuff..

Or EVEN better yet — visit a site like (owned by one or more of a few big name brokers by the way), and look for a review there, and what do you think you will see about Binary International?

* insert sarcastic chuckle here *

Ok ok… enough messing around.

Let’s get right to the point 🙂

So you’re probably here because you probably Googled something like “is binary international a scam” or “binary international review“.


If that’s correct – then welcome to the world of SEO Optimization, an illegal form of which, shady affiliate marketers and shadier brokers use very well against decent brokers like Binary International to…….

..guess what? – to get YOU to read their false, inaccurate, downright defamatory stuff first so you don’t even get here to learn the real truth and nothing but!

If you’re reading this post – then you’re witnessing live, what a victimized broker does in response to false, inaccurate, downright untrue defamation – hit them right back where it hurts, take back traffic that’s rightfully not theirs, using their very own tactics 😉

One of these tactics is ranking for Google search keywords like “is binary international a scam”.

So why do they do it, put up false defamatory stuff about competitor binary options brokers?

– Simple, to tarnish the competition’s great reputation as harshly as possible, play on this “freshly engineered fear” among traders who read those things, and then steal this “freshly scared out of their mind” clientele.

Why use fear tactics? – Because on their own, they’re not capable, intelligent, smart or strategic enough to advertise their services correctly in a sophisticated world of Google and Media Advertising, like Binary International clearly is (you’re reading this aren’t you? – case in point).

All very interesting isn’t it? …keep reading, it gets even better.

Because reading this post will show you what a dark, shady world it is behind the scenes at some binary options brokers, especially those trying to “take down the competition” for their own gains.

Is Binary International a scam?

Before we continue, let’s just answer your question — NO, Binary International is NOT a scam for God/Christ/Shiva/Whatever’s sake.. Seriously? Let it go already! 🙂

Find out why below.

Binary International – like the “big name” brokers out there, advertises its trading platform and other beneficial service offerings primarily via Google AdWords.

It does this better than 9/10 brokers, who lose what’s called “Impression Share” on Ad Networks because the networks prefer showing Binary International’s ads/website instead of theirs – the criteria for showing one over another is “high quality content and relevant, quality service offering” by the way..

What does that mean? – it means that Ad Networks like Google AdWords routinely show Binary International’s content instead of or higher in the rankings than other brokers’, because it’s much better, factual, relevant, NOT a scam, and high quality all the way.

You don’t get to advertise on Google for as long as Binary International has, if you’re a scam. Period. They get rid of scams in days, not years.

Ad Networks can only make money from their advertisers if more people engage with their advertisers’ stuff – so because traders love seeing and interacting with Binary International’s stuff more than others, Ad Networks have all the reasons in the world to keep showing Binary International’s stuff over others’ most of the time.

And competitor brokers (usually just the big names), don’t like that at all.

So that explains that eh? ..little tutorial on media advertising never hurt anyone 😉

If Binary International is a scam, then why is a certain well known regulated broker (not taking names) paying an English actor to fake a tour of the broker’s offices as their “Award Winning Binary Options Trader making $200,000/month with a fake Binary Trading Robot” ?

Really guys? That really is a new low by anyone’s standards.

Do traders not see through this nonsense? It’s insane how many traders have lost their investments to such gimmicks.. Common sense should prevail, sadly it hasn’t yet!

Binary International is a young binary options broker, and started from day one with a ZERO AFFILIATES policy. 

The only affiliates allowed to work with this broker were those selected after multiple interviews by the HR Team.

This broker made (and continues to make) amazing progress by providing High Quality services and solutions to the Binary Options trading community.

But because of its Zero Affiliates policy, many scammers disguised as affiliate marketers lose out on making a lot of money in “client introduction” fees.

Most big name brokers pay such fees to these scammers to bring them traders – Binary International doesn’t.

So you can imagine a lot of them naturally want to hurt Binary International, because:

  • Binary International has a powerful web presence, routinely overshadowing other brokers’.
  • Because of this, more clients want to trade with Binary International.
  • This prevents other brokers from getting those traders coming onboard with them instead.
  • Less traders at other brokers means less clients for scammer affiliate marketers to introduce to these brokers, meaning less money in their pockets as client introduction fees.

See the problem now? 🙂

Can you see now why these scammer affiliate marketers would prefer to put up an SEO presence for inaccurate, false, defamatory stuff about Binary International?

They’re waging a war against a great broker, because they’re just not good enough at promoting themselves honestly.

But guess what?

You’ve just read this entire post – which is on its own, am immediate verification of Binary International’s ability to interact with traders on a deep level, using all the sophisticated technical and marketing abilities they have..

..without defaming anyone, not even the perpetrators harming the Binary International brand 🙂

Thank you for reading!

If you’ve enjoyed this post, please consider clicking on the Binary International banner on this page to visit them and open a live account with a real, trustworthy, high quality Binary Options Broker who will always have your back.

So is Binary International a scam?

Absolutely, categorically, 100%… NOT.

is binary international a scam - not at all.

Binary International is NOT a scam

Binary International Reviews | 100% Real Reviews from Real Traders

Binary International Reviews | MUST READ for all Binary Options Traders

Have you searched for “binary international review” on Google and found SEVERAL websites saying it is a scam? Well… (click here for the truth)

.. you’ve been duped! ..those sites are ACTIVELY defaming this amazing Binary Options broker, stealing their web traffic and clients for their own crooked gains.

Crook Affiliates are writing Negative Binary International Reviews

Let’s stop these con artists dead in their tracks!

Why do crook affiliates write bad reviews about Binary International?

.. because they feel threatened. Simple. It’s because Binary International has literally come out of nowhere guns blazing, offering traders an AMAZING trading platform, STELLAR customer support, and professional binary trading software from meticulously vetted 3rd parties.

Want to see what REAL (Independently Verified) Binary International reviews look like? See below!

But why would they feel threatened into writing negative Binary International reviews?

.. because that’s how they operate! “If you can’t beat ’em, defame ’em instead”. They have tried for YEARS to defame the Binary International brand, they’ve stolen client web traffic, they’ve deliberately misled website visitors into believing it is a “scam broker”, playing on people’s fears and then when the iron is hot, taking them to their own list of “verified brokers” who are nothing more than con artists waiting to steal peoples’ money!

So don’t listen to CROOK affiliates writing Binary International reviews, they are misleading you.

If you have done any research on Binary International, a new binary options broker based out of Anguilla and the UK, you will see they are very highly rated.  I decided to open and account, trade, and withdraw money to test them out.  In summary, I am very happy with their service and the software provided by one of their advertisers ITM Financial.

I give them a 9.8 out of 10.

Regulated verses Fully Audited

Binary International is fully audited, which means they have MUCH TIGHTER security of client funds that ANY other brokers out there. Other brokers will “tout” their “regulation” status – that is simply a “con” when none of them are actually adhering to the regulations to begin with.

Binary International processes all withdrawals with ZERO hassle. Other brokers (especially the “big” names) will try to do everything they can to stop your withdrawal, Binary International will and has never done any such disservice to clients.

Trading Platform

The Binary International trading platform was crisp and sharp.  You can tell they spent some money on their server setups.  That is a good sign in a broker.  After doing some pinging and IP checking, they have servers around the world in order to create a zero lag, high speed trading experience.  They use the same backbone and trading solution partner as some of the other larger binary options broker out there so I felt very comfortable with their spreads, speed, and execution.

Customer Support and Contact

I was pleasantly surprised here.  Binary International has 24/7 live chat support on the site.  No droids or fake agents, all real people.  This was very nice when I did a $2,000 deposit and wanted to download some of the free trading software that came with my membership level. I was able to get live support at two different times to ask about MT4 stuff and spreads.  They have 3 or 4 phone support numbers that seemed to be manned during working hours of whatever time zone you were in…so 8-5 for USA, Europe, Australia, etc.

Bonus Program and Promotions

Binary International offers a 200% bonus on all new accounts, as well as on reloads if you ask.  I had a friend to do a smaller deposit of $250, get the bonus, and then do another.  Although it is not listed, if you ask, you can get the 200% on both the initial and follow up deposits.  Good tip there J

The do promotions with software provider ITM Financial, so that is a nice perk for joining Binary International.  You have full access to a suite of trading software like TrackElite,  GCAD EUR/USD, Aztec 1.0, and Saturn PRO.  The software I tried out was the Saturn PRO.  It was very sharp and had a nice win rate for me.  I am a one touch and no touch trader, so it worked well for me.  Below is ITM Financial’s video from Youtube about Saturn Pro.


Since you also get a $100,000.00 demo account with any deposit, you can test out all the software for free and play around on different currencies and time frames to find out what is right for you without losing a dime.


Payouts and Time

Like all brokers in the world, Binary International confirms to the “Know Your Client” laws.  You will be required to verify your account for a withdrawal, which is a simple process like sending in a scan of your ID and credit card used to make a deposit if you used one.  This is all pretty standard for anti-money laundering procedures.

I ended up hitting them up pretty big to start, turned by $2,000 into $6,785 with Saturn Pro and my own trading.  They payout went very easy and I got my money quickly.  The original $2,000 was returned to my credit card within 48 hours (pretty fast for this industry), and the remaining I requested by bank wire.  I had given the wrong bank information that delayed it a day or two, but that was my fault.  Once I got them my correct information, the bank wire arrived within 24 hours.



I noticed their Spanish pages of their site for languages and the Japanese pages of their site were still under construction.  So if you are a Spanish native speaker or Japanese, you may find this annoying.

Overall : A+

Overall, I found Binary International to be one of the best brokers I have used in years. They are new but really setting the bar high for brokers now.  I found their bonus program attractive, their partnership with ITM Financial for free trading software worked great for me, and the $100,000.00 demo is nice to play with and test things in an industry that doesn’t give up demo accounts anymore.

Binary International can be found at

As you can see this is a straight link, I am not an affiliate and I am not getting paid or trying to promote Binary International. I get nothing by sending you there or for you clicking on the link.  Just an honest review from a trader that used (and still do now) a new service.


Dan Hemmisley

Binary International Reviews

Binary International Reviews